Everything You Need To Know About Brazilian Virgin Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are used to lengthen a person’s hair by using artificial or human hair and connecting it to the person’s hair. There are many ways to extend hair. The main methods are the Tape-in method, Bonding and sealing method, micro rings and the Clipped-on hair extensions. Some methods carry potential risks such as the bonding and sealing method causing traction alopecia (loss of natural hair). From the above mentioned methods, the clipped-on hair extensions are most versatile and effective. It is temporary and is effective without any side effects. The section of hair has clips sewn onto them. Normally a set of hair extensions has 8 strips of hair (human or artificial) with width varying from 2 to 8 inches. These types of extensions can be worn throughout the day, but they must be removed at night before sleeping. It can be worn for special occasions or for daily use as well. This is how versatile these types of hair extensions are. The main types of hair used in manufacturing are either natural or synthetic. In natural hair we have Indian, Brazilian, Chinese, Indonesian, European and Brazilian. The names are indicative of the place and/or the place from which the hair is imported. For example Indian hair is imported from India, where the hair is donated for religious purposes in temples.

When it comes to Brazilian Virgin hair extensions, there are many confusions that arise among the people. Firstly, Brazilian hair does not mean that it is derived from Brazilian women. This is incorrect, as Malaysia has a multicultural population with many ethnicity from various countries. Most of Malaysia’s population is made up of Indian and Chinese people. So technically, Brazilian Hair is actually Indian and Chinese for the most part. Also considering the word “Virgin” in Brazilian Virgin hair, it’s meaning is often misunderstood by people. It is a popular misconception that Virgin hair is the hair taken from the head of a virgin girl. This is wrong because the person donating the hair may or may not be a virgin. The real meaning of the term lies in the processes the hair is put through before making hair extensions out of them. The hair is cleaned and may be sent to a factory to be treated by acid. This is done to remove the cuticles (or the tip) of the hair to reduce the tangling of the hair. This type of hair is called processed hair. The hair that does not go through acid treatments, dyeing, bleaching or straightening is called “Virgin” hair. It is taken from a single hair donor, has intact cuticles and run in one direction only. The hair has not been exposed to cigarette smoke or other harsh agents, neither has it been blow dried. Hence, Brazilian Virgin hair is the hair imported from Brazil, that hasn’t been treated with chemicals or processed in any way.

brazilian hairBrazilian hair extensions come in a great variety:
1) Brazilian Light Yaki with full cuticle: This is treated with steam to emulate natural black hair which has been relaxed to a point where it is bone straight! Provides more movement, has low shine and a medium rough texture.
2) Deep Curly Virgin Brazilian hair: This is a more exotic type of hair available. It is thick, heavy and more denser than the Indian hair. It is less shiny but has more body to it. This natural black hair is very soft and has medium to very low shine or luster to it.
3) Deep Wave Virgin Brazilian hair: This hair type is very exotic featuring a deep wave. It has a natural black color with low shine or luster. It is suitable for people aiming for a care-free and easy going lifestyle, as it is tangle and shed-free!
4) Loose and Wavy Brazilian Virgin: The loose and wavy type of texture of this type of hair blends perfectly with the natural hair of the user. It has a soft and wavy pattern, and can be used to style in many different ways.

Different types of Brazilian Virgin hair extensions can be selected on basis of the needs and preferences of the user. From curly to wavy, and from coarse to smooth, almost any style can be created by the user, by using these hair extensions.


Brazilian human hair is a type of human hair that is designed to enhance the ladies beauty. This type of human hair is made from a human and not mixes from animals making it to shine and look attractive than other hairs.There are three types of Brazilian extension; virgin hair, Remy hair, and non-Remy. This virgin hair does not contain any chemical while Remy hair which if well maintained can last for a year. On the other hand, non-Remy are not long lasting.

This type of hair is designed in a way that makes it looks naturally. Brazilian hair can be sold in wholesale and also as one. Wholesale Brazilian hair bundles are cheaper compared to buying one of it. The hair needs to be cleaned with the shampoo and more water, and to avoid bad smell from your head you need to blow the hair after washing it for a good maintenance.

For one to always look beautiful with a wig, it is important that first differentiate between a synthetic hair and a human hair. Customer should be able to choose the hair to wear depending to the occasion she is attending, the size of her face and also the color of her skim This types of hair is designed o make sure that you look nature and therefore after wearing a wig and discovers it doesn’t suit you it’s advisable you change the hair and wear that which enhance your beauty.


In each beauty shop, the hairs are sold in wholesales. Brazilian suits each customer because they are of many makes. There are the short, long and are of different colors. Brazilian hairs have a different texture compared to other extension hairs. One should not only follow her taste when choosing hair extension but also consider her look after wearing the hair. Do they suit them or not.

The Half Bun – Perfect for long hair

Seen that girl next door sporting a half-bun recently? Chances are, you have.
The half- bun, or ‘hun’ as it is popularly known, has taken the fashion world by storm. This hairstyle, which has been supported by the likes of Jennifer Lopez and the Kardashians among others, even made it’s appearance on the red carpet this year when Alicia Vikander came to the Oscars donning a hum What more!
Is very easy to master for all the Rapunzel’s out there! It will take very little time, but you will end up looking gorgeous anyway.
1 A comb (duh).2 Hair ties/ bands.3 A few bobby pins.Best-Hair-Styling-Tools-
Following is a step by step guide to make a hun:
STEP 1 – Comb your hair, and use a spray to add some volume to it ( you can go for Aussie Aussome Volume Hair Spray, it does a wonderful job).
STEP 2 – Collect hair from the upper part of your head by moving your hands from the top of your ears to the middle of your head at the back.
STEP 3 – This will make a horizontal line of division Let the hair below the line fall down. This hair can be curled or blow dried, or simply left alone, as per your wish.
STEP 4 – Tie up the hair above the line with a band. Make sure that you tie it properly. You don’t want a sagging bum
STEP 5 – You don’t have to necessarily make the bun at the centre. Experimenting with side buns is also a cool idea. In fact, you can make two buns on each side of your head too!
STEP 5 – Twist the hair coming out of the band and make a bum Secure this bun with bobby pins.
STEP 6 – Let a few strands come loose around your face. Don’t opt for a very neat look. Keeping it messy will up the fun factor.

b11fe96824733e8ff6830c4fa69c3469Mandatory Credit: Photo by Broadimage/REX Shutterstock (4914422c) Vanessa Hudgens Vanessa Hudgens out and about, New York, America - 23 Jul 2015 Vanessa Hudgens leaving the Doctor's Office in Beverly Hills



A Guide On Purchasing Lace Closures

As the demand for hair extensions and weaves increases, more varieties and brands of extensions and closures have become available for purchase. Closures are hair units used to cover the front of the hair, to not only reduce heat damage to one’s hair but also to provide a natural appearance that matches one’s extensions. The primary purpose of choosing a lace closure is to acquire the most natural look possible. Lace and silk closures are the most common in the market, with lace closures being more popular because of their ability to lie flat easily. Silk closures have a natural appearance, but users have to seal the closure properly to avoid the line of demarcation Lace closures, like any hair extensions, have different textures and qualities. In this regard, the varieties of closures available range from Indian closures, Peruvian closures, Brazilian closures, Malaysian and many more. Peruvian, Indian and Brazilian are exotic options that are lightweight and carry volume. The price of each closure depends on the quality and length.


The process of selecting a closure is personal and is based entirely on an individual’s preference. It is critical to look for a size that works well with the user’s scalp and one that fits well. Features to consider before making a decision include the parting of the closure and its length. One-part closures provide a parted look, either in the middle or from the side while three part closures allow parting at all points of convenience.

Freestyle closures are versatile to give users the option to part the closure or to section it an angled or diagonal way. The length to purchase depends on the final look that the user wants to achieve. Users typically buy closures that are shorter than the length of the extensions in order to attain a blended and natural look.


For instance, one cannot purchase a 16-inch closure for 12-inch hair because the look will be unbalanced. In any case, the length can be determined through a professional consultation with a beauty expert or hair stylist, to avoid complications or disappointment.

Hypoallergenic shampoos and Hair Styling Products


Most allergies are genetically inherited and, therefore, cannot be easily done away with. Probably the best thing that we can do to avoid an allergic reaction is to keep away from the products that trigger them. This is the reason as to why we have to use hypoallergenic shampoos and hair styling products.

Hypoallergenic shampoos will reduce allergic reactions on your scalp by reducing the itchy feeling and dry scalp at the same time while it will leave your hair clean and appealing. The most common product found in the shampoos is sodium lauryl sulphate_lt is used as a foaming agent in the shampoos and can be labelled using different names. This product causes scalp irritation in allergic people.Other products to look out for are herbal and salicylates supplements in the shampoo.

There are a variety of hair styling products ranging from hair sprays, hair gel, hair dye and many more-Hair sprays can easily cause an asthmatic attack if they contain sensitive products in them.lts is important to choose one whose fragrance neither irritates nor its components toxic.Most hair dyes are known to be toxic and cancerous, therefore, select wisely and always use products that have a good reputation.

In general, it may prove to be a quite a difficult task when it comes to choosing a hair product that is hypoallergenic-Currently, there are no standards that have been set up to determine whether a product is hypoallergenic. Instead, we all depend on the labels on the products on the shelves. There is there a possibility of picking a hair styling product that is labelled hypoallergenic but still trigger allergic reactions on your scalp.


Here are a few tips that will help you choose a hypoallergenic shampoo and hair styling products.

1 . Keep away from fragrances, they are notorious for triggering allergic reactions.
2. Avoid products that contain sulphur components.
3. Avoid hair products with preservatives such as methyl and butyl.
4. Use products with natural dyes rather than artificial pigments.

The Lowdown on Clean Hairbrushes

A dirty hairbrush is an unhappy hairbrush. If not cleaned at least once a week, it collects up your hair along with icky things like old hair products, germs, oils and even worse, dust mites! Many people forget to clean out their combs and brushes which is really detrimental to your locks and your brushes. Each time you pull a dirty brush through your hair, you’re putting back all the gunk that built up inside it and your brush will lose its effectiveness in the process.

how_to clean hair brushes

Let’s have a look at an easy way to clean hairbrushes and combs:
Removing the hair
1. Use a pen or pencil and slide it in right at the bottom of the brush (under the hair)
2 Lift the hair up from the base of the brush so that is becomes a bit looser.
3. Once it’s reached the top of the brush (near the bristles), take a scissor and cut down the center.
4. Remove the hair and throw away!

1. Once the hair has been removed, fill a bowl with hot water.
2 Add in a tablespoon of vinegar and a tablespoon of dish detergent
3. Pop your brushes and combs in the bowl and make sure they’re covered by the water.
4. Leave them for an hour or if you can, overnight.
5. Once done, rinse them under clean water, shake them out and leave them to dry on a clean towel.


Along with having a clean hairbrush, choosing the right hairbrush is just as important! There are so many different types of brushes and combs available, making it quite difficult to choose. Below we’ll list the different types of brushes and their functions which will hopefully aid in your choices.
Paddle brush: You get two kinds of paddle brushes — one with plastic bristles and one with natural bristles.
The plastic bristle brush helps to prevent hair loss by stimulating the scalp and also assists with detangling.
The natural bristle brush is great for straightening and smoothing hair.
Detangling brush: This brush also stimulates the scalp and assists with getting knots out.
Vent brush: A great brush for decreasing static.
Teasing brush: Helps add volume and lift to your hair
Round brush: There a few types of round brushes to choose from. Round brushes with diagonal bristles can be used for adding volume and emphasizing waves. A round brush with natural bristles is perfect for short hair and taming a fringe. A round vent brush with metal hair is ideal for blow-drying and curling.
Straightening brush: As the name suggests, it’s used for straightening and smoothing.
Remember that clean hairbrushes are essential in keeping your hair looking healthy and beautiful!

How to Get Silky, Beautiful Hair

Making your hair shiny and healthy can be a difficult task, but with these tips healthier hair is right around the corner.

One fun and easy way to get smooth, silky hair is by making DIY hair masks. Any combination of the following ingredients can be massaged into the hair to make it shiny: egg, avocado, olive oil, banana, apple cider vinegar, lemon, mayonnaise, coconut oil, aloe vera, gelatin and honey. After thoroughly massaging, let the mask sit in your hair for 15 – 30 minutes then wash out. Another treatment you can do on your hair is a beer spray! Yes, it might sound gross, but if you put beer into a spray bottle and spray your hair, the mineral and vitamin B add shine and volume to your hair.


If you want a permanent fix for getting and keeping shiny hair, changing your diet may be the answer. Eating plenty of fish like salmon and mackerel make not only hair stronger and shinier, but also improve skin because of the food’s fatty acids and protein. Similarly, eating plenty of nuts have the same effect because of their omega 3 proteins and biotin content. However, the most important diet change is drinking an abundance of water. The more water you drink, the healthier your hair and your whole body will be. Water hydrates your entire body and flushes out toxins that can take away from your hair’s shine.

Another tip to keep hair shiny and healthy is avoiding putting heat on it, like straightening and curling irons as well as blow dryers. Applying heat to your hair makes it dry and thin and takes away natural oils that make hair shiny. You don’t have to completely stop using heat, but reducing the amount of times you style your hair can make a significant difference in it’s health.

Keeping hair shiny and healthy is not always easy and requires work, but these tips will definitely start you on the path to super shiny hair! With hair masks, diet changes, and reducing heat use you will see a difference in your hair’s health in no time.

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The Boar Bristle Brush That Makes You Hair Shiny And Healthy

Best Hair Tools The 2 in 1 Straightener And Curling Iron

Best hair tools for hair protection
Apart from choosing the best hair products, a good choice of styling hair tools will greatly determine your final look. There are a number of considerations one should make when choosing a styling tool. The most important being the overall impact it will have on the health of your hair. It is therefore vital that you choose tools that provide the most appropriate features. Straighteners, sometimes known as ‘flat irons’ , are perfect tools for styling and they give the hair a glossy and fine appearance.

The features of choice should be determined by your natural hair texture. The plate type of the straightener (tourmaline, ceramic or titanium) will determine the temperature ranges for the iron. Ensure you find out its plate type to protect the hair from heat damage. Coarse, thick hairs require straighteners that can heat at much higher temperatures than thinner hairs. Wider straighteners are also more effective on thicker, longer hairs. For naturally curly hair, a straightener with an in-built comb can achieve the desired result faster without necessarily damaging the scalp and the hair.
The 2 in 1 straightener and curling iron

There are so many brands of flat irons in the market and one might be tempted to pick the cheapest. The features provided should guide you in choosing a perfect styling tool.
The 2 in 1 straightener and curling iron is a dual purpose styling tool featuring the Conair’s professional standards of engineering with improved heat distribution technology for flawless finishes.
-The ceramic iron heats fast(30 seconds heat up) and can reach up to 180 degrees Celsius. The ceramic also allows for heat retention for consistency and optimum styling.
-Its weight and width allow effortless and consistent gliding across the hair.
-The straightener offers an adjustable temperature range for any hair type. This enables temperature regulation to prevent hair damage.
-Its design consists of a flat iron for straightening with curved edges to effectively curl your hair to achieve your preferred look.
If you are not sure of your hair type, this is the right tstraighener for you as it will allow you to carefully determine the right temperature to suit your styling needs.


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The Wet Brush Is It The Best Brush


I’m sure most of you have heard of the Wet Brush hair brush. The Wet Brush claims to get tangles out of wet in a less harsh way than normal hair brushes. In this article, I will be explaining why I like the Wet Brush and the brushes promises.
The Wet Brush has multiple get features it promises. The most important promise is to detangle hair- even when wet. From experience, I can say that the Wet Hair Brush does exactly that. It gets tangles out of my hair with ease, even when my hair is soaked from the shower! Another feature of the Wet Hair Brush is that it will work on any hair type. I also believe this to be true, as I have very thick curly hair and my sister has wavy thin, and it get’s tangles out of both of our hair types with no problem! Another great feature of the Wet Hair Brush is that it comes in an array of intriguing colors. From blue and purple to the new natural wood handles, you’re sure to find a brush to suit you. Finding the perfect hair brush can be hard, how do you find the perfect brush for you? Well, I may be able to help. First, decide your hair type. Do you have thick or thin hair? Curly or straight?The main focus of a perfect hair brush is the bristles. If you’d like a soft, gentle brush, especially great for children, you should buy a brush with soft bristles. If you have more thick hair, a brush with sturdy, plastic bristles may be more sufficient. The Wet Hair Brush is a great example of sturdy bristles, that allows you to take control of the brush and get tangles out of your hair without worry of bending the bristles. I think the Wet Hair Brush is very beneficial for anyone with any hair type. It can save a lot of time in the morning after showers, since you can brush your hair right away with the Wet Hair Brush; even if your hair is soaking wet. Also, the Wet Hair Brush gets tangles out of any hair type or thickness with ease, while not damaging your hair. With all of these great promises, the Wet Hair Brush is also pretty affordable for anyone.


Benefits Of Wooden Combs

Benefits Of Wooden Combs The Hair Become Shiny And Healthy

Plastic and metal combs are rough on the scalp area. The reason why is that wooden combs are soft and polished they are much more softer than plastic or metal combs. If your scalp is sensitive because of bruising and scraping from the use of metal and plastic combs then you need to invest in wooden combs instead.

Wooden combs help distribute oil from your scalp to your hair. Plastic combs can produce static or snap your hair off. Wood has a property to not produce electricity so it prevents damage to the hair from static. For long hair wooden combs are wonderful because they distribute oils on the whole length of the hair shaft. The hair appears to be very shiny and healthy. Wooden combs are very unique and come in many different designs.

Clean them regularly and they will last you for a very long time. Never use water this will destroy the natural benefits of the wood. Only use natural oils to clean them such as jojoba oil and there are many others. In being a licensed stylist the wooden rat tail comb is a great comb for parting the hair for wet sets, braids, perms etc. Also the rake wooden comb is also a great tool to use as well. It works wonders in detangling the hair many times your plastic or metal combs will cause breakage in the hair. 5-2014-How-To-Take-Care-Of-Your-Hair-In-Winter

The wooden combs do not do this they just glide on the hair. Now if the hair is just damaged because of other reasons there’s not much you can do about that at least it won’t be because of a wooden comb. The wooden comb a great investment for a stylist, client, male or female. Go and purchase one there will be no regrets. To the stylist make sure you put your initials on your combs they become addictive once used on clients!